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FAQ's About ActiGain®
What is ActiGain® ?
ActiGain® is a 100% safe and natural formula that is guaranteed to enhance your penis. It not only helps enhance your penis, but it aids in erection strengthening, heightens sexual arousal and increases sensitivity and sexual pleasure. It contains aphrodisiacs that boost sexual energy and performance. It's extremely affordable, without any serious side-effects.

How Does ActiGain® Work?
ActiGain® enlarges your two erectile tissue chambers in your penis to hold more blood during an erection, thus making your penis much larger in size during your erection.

Why do I not see ActiGain® plastered all over the internet?
One reason and one reason only. Unlike every other product, ActiGain® does not have an affiliate program. We do not hand out 50% of your hard earned money to affiliates in commission cheques just to get a sale. Our product sells itself. That money that we both save is put toward better research and development on the actual product rather than lining the pockets of the affiliates who at most just concentrate on the "BIG SELL".

Are Their Any Negative Side Effects?
We ask clients with significant hypertension to consult their physicians before supplementing.

How do I take ActiGain®
Simply take 1 easy to swallow pill per day.

How Big Can I Expect My Penis to Get?
Studies show that size gains vary from one person to another. Also, the size gain depends on the technique you use. Some clients have gained up to 2 inches but those instances are not common since results vary by each individual.

How Long Will It Take to Work?
ActiGain® will begin to work instantly. Noticeable results can show just after a few weeks of use.

How many packages should I Start With?
We recommend starting with a 3 month supply in order to see if ActiGain® is right for you however the ideal supply would be 6 months worth of the product. See our ordering information page for packaged deals.

Are the results permanent?

Because ActiGain® is an ingestible supplement, the results you see are permanent as long as you continue to take the recommended dosage. Once desired results are achieved, some men scale back the dosage to a maintenance amount of one tablet three or four times a week. This reduction in dosage will not compromise erection size or fullness, once desired results have been achieved.

What Are the Main Ingredients of ActiGain® ?
ActiGain® is a prepared by a proprietary method that combines 100% natural ingredients formulated according to the principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
550mg - a proprietary blend. Some of the key ingredients are:

  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Muira Puama
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Maca Root
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Catuaba

Please Note:
Do not be fooled by other products that list more ingredients that what is listed above! (In order for the product to work you do not need any more ingredients in the product. Most doctors call the "other useless ingredients" that our competitors use "fillers". They add more useless ingredients in order to cut down on the quantities of the useful and more expensive ingredients that is part of ActiGain® just to save a buck - a scam indeed!)

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